ReNew Customized Facial- 60 minutes

This facial is designed for all skin types and includes a thorough skin evaluation to determine skin concerns. Your esthetician will then customize products based on individual needs. Our ReNew facial also includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, steaming, massage, mask, toning, and moisturizing products.

Teenage Acne Treatments

This facial is an effective acne treatment for young skin that is troubled by breakouts. The Teenage Acne facial involves deep cleansing with extractions. An acne mask will aid in treating and also hydrating the skin. The esthetician will be happy to educate your young with proper skin care to optimize their results.

ZO Health Ultra Hydrating Facial

ZO Skin Health facial aides in providing healthier skin and diminishing signs of aging. This effective treatment begins with a gentle hydrating, cleansing and micro-exfoliation that will remove surface debris. The triple action resurfacing process will brighten and clarify, address skin texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. The ZO Aloe Hydra gel mask will cool and soothe the skin leaving you cool and relaxed.

Anti-Aging Facial- 60 minutes

Our Anti- Aging facial includes customized anti-aging protocols to treat fine lines, uneven skin tone, brings firmness, and radiating glow to your skin. Our Anti-Aging Facial is great for clients who want to tighten and tone their skin resulting in a luminous and youthful complexion. This facial will make your skin firmer and shrink pours. You will not only achieve cleaner, healthier skin, but you will also reverse the signs of aging with this remarkable facial.

Gentlemen’s Facial- 60 minute

Our Gentlemen’s Facial treatment is designed for men’s skin because men need pampering too. Your esthetician will deep cleanse, exfoliate, extract if needed of blackheads or ingrown hair, followed by a relaxing face and shoulder massage, soothing mask, and moisturizing products.


Microdermabrasion is a wonderful non-invasive exfoliating treatment that uses micro-crystals to resurface your skin. The vacuum suction gently removes the micro-crystals all while plumping your skin as it boosts blood flow and circulation improving the health and vitality of your skin.


A micro-peel involves the combination of a chemical peel and microdermabrasion for a deeper exfoliation, smoother skin, and better product penetration. Your will noticeably have smoother and even skin.

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation that safely removes surface debris and light vellus facial hair. There is zero down time and can be great as a quick lunch time service. It is safe for pregnant and nursing moms that want an amazing exfoliation treatment without the use of a chemical peel.


Dermaplaning pairs nicely with chemical peels for a deep exfoliation, improves skin texture, smooth wrinkles, and treats discoloration.


*ZO Stimulator Peel-
This peel is a wonderful lunch time peel. It is safe and easy with zero down time that can even be performed at home. It is ideal if you want a glow before an event. The Stimulator Peel provides superficial exfoliation, promotes cell turn over. It not only improves the appearance of the skin, but its ability to repair and renew itself. This peel is great for addressing fine lines, dull appearance, rough and dry texture.

*ZO 3 Step Peel-
The ZO 3 Step Peel is not just another peel. It is the only multifunctional epidermal peel that provides longer-lasting treatment benefits. The peel utilizes a blend of exfoliants, 6% Retinol and multi-action agents to stimulate collagen, restore moisture, and results in smoother tighter looking skin. The peel is good to treat acne, sun damage, uneven tone, lines and wrinkles.


Our MediSpa also offers Skinceutical Peels offering a range of professional epidermal peels that can be used on their own or in tandem with dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. The peel solutions vary and with a thorough skin evaluation, your esthetician will determine what solution and peel works best with your skin concern. Skinceuticals products are rooted in research and backed by science, and strive to in achieving optimal skin health.